Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raya's new do, Part two

So the verdict is in....Lee hates Raya's haircut LOL...oops! He didn't throw a fit or anything, but just said she looks like a boy. I think she looks cute though, and I win :-P I don't know why guys tend to think you have to have long hair to be girlie....I think there are lots of cute short styles and I'd rather have a cute short haircut as opposed to long stringy hair. Some people just don't have the type of hair that looks good long!

So anyways, here are some more pics of her haircut

To appease Lee though we put in some piggy tails last night to show him it's still possible LOL. I like her hair better without, but if pigtails make daddy happy we'll try them :-)

This morning I got a kick out of Raya. I take her shirt off when she eats because she won't  leave a bib on. Well today after she was done eating breakfast she put her own shirt back on. I heard her calling "I did it Mama!!!" and when I looked I saw this:

Now that's talent...turning a pj top into a strapless tank...very nice Raya, very nice :-)

This morning Raya spent most of the morning playing with a squirt bottle of water. She carefully squirted water into her hands...

...and then "washed" Brielle with  it. Poor Brielle, she was washed and washed and washed until she was quite wet!

"My sister is crazy, but I like it!"

In other news, Raya continues to be evil. She is way too smart for her own good and uses it for evil means :-P Today she knew I wanted to take pictures of her hair so she did this:

...she also had a sudden burning desire to go to sleep:

Miss Attitude

....and she knows it

Before I go, a house/moving update! We have scheduled with the movers!!!!!!!!!! In 2 weeks we'll be saying goodbye to our house here forever (tear)...we'll then be living with my parents for 2 weeks (minimum) but possibly a month or so. We aren't closing on the new house until the end of Oct. as of now, but our realtor said they'd be willing to move that up for us....we just don't know how much they can move it up yet, but we're hoping the beginning of October. It's so exciting that we are so close  to being in our new place....I  just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's one more picture I just had to share. My aunt was married back in April and she sent me a picture the other day in the mail from her wedding of Raya and Sawyer dancing together. How stinkin' cute are they? They look like a little married couple doing spins on the dance floor hehe. So cute :-)

(Sorry for the poor picture quality...I just took a photo of the photo because I was too lazy to scan it haha)

Tomorrow we get to see Lee's brother and his wife who are coming from Ohio....we can't wait!!! Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn are always a big hit :-)

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  1. I love Rayas hair cut, you can still do alot of things with it since it is long layers, you did a great job cutting it!!! Men have always loved long hair on girls and always will, dad still walks by our wedding picture in the hallway , and will say she sure was pretty with her long hair!!!!
    Grama F


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