Monday, September 19, 2011

4 kids 3 years and under

So today was the first Monday in my new adventure of watching my niece and nephew on Mondays. Watching 4 kids 3 years old and under is definitely busy, but it's been a great day so far!

...and today's photogenic winner is Miss Brielle :-)

While Harper took her morning nap I took everyone else outside to ride bikes and color sidewalk chalk. Brielle thought she was pretty hot stuff getting to crawl around on the driveway hehe.

(Sawyer didn't have a coat today and it was a little chilly this morning so he's wearing Raya's raincoat haha. I told him "blue is a nice color for boys" and he said "yes it is" :-P Although I'm not sure it would matter to him...I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this year and he said "tinkerbelle." When I asked him what his costume would look like he said "a beautiful dress and a wand" ;-)

Brielle got ahold of the sidewalk chalk, licked it, and then puked :-0 .....don't think she'll lick THAT again!

It warmed up quickly today though and is so gorgeous now! We lost the coats and got ready for a walk :-)

Harper woke up and joined us! I love my double stroller. It's big, yes. But the seats can face eachother so the little ones can "play" and there are little handles on the side for the big kids to hold onto when we are in busier areas, etc. It pushes easily and there is so much storage...definitely recommend this one :-) It's a Kolcraft Contours.

We brought our sidewalk chalk on the walk and "decorated" the road and people's driveways. After Sawyer would draw a line or circle/scribble in a driveway he'd say "that's pretty, isn't it Shawna? The people who live here will love it." :-)

They also chased eachother down the road. Don't worry, this is a very quiet circle drive with little traffic :-P

I had to get a couple pics on Harper since she was sleeping during our earlier photoshoot

To further tire the kids out I picked a tree and had them race to it hehe

After our walk we played with a wooden toy train that my Godfather/uncle made my brother when he was little. Every xmas and birthday John would get a new section of the train until he had the whole thing. The kids just love playing with it now!

I did manage to get all 4 kids down for nap at the same time today (whew!) but Brielle woke up already so we're hanging out until everyone else wakes up. Then I promised to take them all to the park. Yes, I have 4 carseats in my van and I'm going to attempt a park trip with them all on my own. Either I'm a super sitter, or completely mad. Probably the latter, but I"m going to try it!


  1. Looks like they are all having a great time. I'm happy to see its going so well. I love the pic of Sawyer and Raya running down the street... looks like a magazine shot!

  2. love that first picture of Brielle!

    great pictures, looks like they all have fun together. have fun attempting to go to the park with all 4 of them!


  3. Cute pictures! I'd give you the super sitter title! I love Raya's polka dot hoodie!


  4. are you going to try to talk Lee into 4 kids now? :)

  5. LOL, I think he'd have to be very very drunk before agreeing to 4 kids haha


  6. I love seeing all my grandbabies together and having such a great day!!!
    Grama F


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