Saturday, September 10, 2011

Writer's block--YOU tell ME

Ok, so let's try something here you guys. YOU pick my next blog topic(s)!!

So, have you been wondering about my thoughts about a specific parenting topic? Maybe you wonder how I'll handle upcoming parenting delimas like wearing makeup and dating. Maybe you'd like me to try a certain Tot School activity with Raya and post about it. ...or attempt a more adult  craft and share my tips and tricks. Maybe you'd like me to talk about sewing or my Etsy shop. Maybe you  want me to share my thoughts  about decorting my new  house or spaces in general. Maybe you want  me to ask *Raya* something, and share her answers. Or maybe you just have random questions to ask me  like what my favorite recipe is or how I picked my dog's name or what my  first childhood  memory is.

So COMMENT! Please leave your questions, blog topic ideas, random thoughts, etc. below in the comment  box (Click "comments"). I'll use the ideas I get for upcoming blog updates. Feel  free to leave multiple suggestions, as I  have a feeling only a handful of people will actually humor me and play along :-) ***You do not have to be a follower of my blog to do this, just leave a comment "annonymously" if you want. For the record though sometimes you do have to hit the "submit" button 3 or 4 times before your comment goes through.

I look forward to your ideas! :-)


  1. I always enjoy funny kid stories. Those are my fav of your entries.

  2. I would like to know how you make the leg warmers from the socks. Any tips on sewing, I'm thinking about getting a sewing machine so any helpful hints would be awesome...I need to get a book sewing for dummies...LOL


  3. First of all, I love this idea and may borrow it some day if you don't mind :)

    I would also love any sewing tips. I really want to learn how and I remember you saying that you basically bought a machine and taught yourself. I'm just nervous about spending the money on a machine and then me having absolutely no abilities and giving up.

    And being a mom of only one, but hopefully two soon, I'd love any tips or thoughts you have on having two little ones and how you adjusted. Sorry that's kind of broad, but any advice would be awesome!

    And who doesn't love question and answer time with Raya? :)


  4. My favorites are always the funny stories about Raya , and pretty pretty pics of Brielle!!!
    Grama f

  5. What about boys when the girls are older :-o

  6. I thought I'd throw you a bone and list a couple topics I think everyone would be interested in. ;)

    making your marriage work while having kid(s), how do you find time for the "adults" etc., how do you split up house work, cooking, taking care of kids, etc.

    -Anything you miss about working outside of the home?

    Do you think you will take vacations with the girls? Do you think you'll ever take vacations just the two of you and leave the kids behind?

    -Anything that surprised you about having kids? Anything harder or easier than you thought? Biggest challenge of having kids?


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