Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashion Forward

Ok, so the Toys R Us by our old house didn't have kid's clothes at all. It must have been a small store or something. Well the one by our new house apparently *does* have clothes because I went there today looking for a bath seat (they didn't have one) and a guard rail for Raya's twin bed (they did have one) and of course I got sidetracked while there by all the kids clothes. I had no idea Toys R Us had such cute clothes! I mean, the boy section was the usual button down shirt, polo shirt, or humorous message tee (seriously clothing makers, I feel bad for the boy moms--try spicing things up a little!) but the girl section, my oh my, adorable stuff--and crazy looking, so right up my alley! hehe. We had ruffle pants, faux fur, bright obnoxious patterns, weird legging/shirt combos, etc....I was in heaven. And the best part? Most of it was buy 1 get 1 FREE!

So I may have gotten Brielle her first faux fur sweater vest ;-)

She is so going to rock this for the holidays :-)

And don't worry, Raya wasn't left out. She got her very own matching fur sweater vest! ...plus an adorable brown fur vest and a super cute sweater (the sweater looks navy in the picture for some reason, but it's actually a pretty aqua color with big silver jeweled snaps hehe). She's napping or else I'd have her model, but let me tell you, that girl was to die for cute in the brown fur vest in the store today. It matched her brown sweater boots lol. I thought about getting Brielle a matching one but she was too little to pull it off....it sort of looked like she was being eaten by a bear or something LOL

I paid $8 for the white vest and only $7 for the others...unbelievable!

Here are a few more of Brielle modeling hers, since she's awake right now...

....over pictures by this point I think :-P

On another note, have I mentioned yet that this child pulls up (to her knees) on EVERYTHING right now?!

Lastly in our fashion update, I whipped up some Halloween tshirts for the girls the other night. I"m not going to sell Halloween shirts this year since I'm too busy with the move and everything, but I had a couple orange tshirts so I came up with this for the girls:

I wish I could have made Raya a spider one too, b/c it's so stinkin' cute, but she's terrified of bugs and spiders and I didn't think she'd wear it. I was right too because when I showed the shirts to her this morning she saw Brielle's shirts and said "yuck! Bug-ant!" and shivered lol. She liked her pumpkin face though.

The back of the shirts have their names, just to make them more special :-) I need to get some orange fabric to put inside the letters (like for the B and e ....I thought I had fabric on hand but I can't find it).

Brielle wasn't into modeling just now, but here is her shirt  (I still need to make her a matching hair clippie)

...and at least I'll always remember her name as she crawls away from my pictures now :-P

To end, here are some funny things Raya has said recently. She's been talking so much more lately (she was never quiet, but she is just talking in sentences and so clearly, and she says funny things now that I don't expect to come out of her mouth lol...she makes me laugh all the time)

First, I promised Raya an icecream cone today as our special activity so all morning she's been saying "Mama, I get icecream cone and I lick it!" and then she makes licking noises and says "Brielle will watch me"....then today she came into the living room and said "it's too dark" and then she turned on the light and said "there we go!" ....and this morning I found her in the hallway unrolling a roll of toilet paper and she looked at me and said "I pooped...I squeezed it out and now I wipe!" and she was wiping the outside of her pullup haha. Lastly, today at the mall she was playing on those rides you put quarters in...well she just always plays on them without any money and doesn't know they are supposed to move. TOday I happened to have $1 in my pocket so I thought I'd be nice and "treat" her to a ride. I let her pick the ride and she picked the rocket ship and got all excited and jumped right in. I put the money in and AS SOON as it started to move she starts screaming and clawing her way out of the thing....as I'm trying to convince her to stay in it. Finally I give up and she is out and standing next to it (while it's still moving, thanks to my 75 cents) and as it's moving she's shaking her finger at it saying "no no! Stop moving!" haha. Guess I won't be doing that again! :-)


  1. love Brielle's halloween shirt, so cute!


  2. So cute... i love two year old conversation. Marco always says, "Marco clean da pee-pee, Mama clean da booty". HA!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love Brielle's shirt! If only I was that talented. I think Kyla's going to have to settle for a store bought Halloween shirt, without her name :( Poor girl, haha!

    Love the sweaters! I bet they look adorable on Raya.

    That picture of Brielle kneeling is identical to so many pictures I have of Kyla! They're going to be walking before we know it!



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