Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutorials--Basic skirt and leggings

Tomorrow is our last day at this house before we move...so bittersweet! Today my mom came up to watch the girls while I did a bunch of last minute stuff to prepare for the movers.

Raya stood at the door waiting for Grandma...

Before that she was pulling a pull toy around the house saying "I take Griffy for a walk Mama!"  ...Griffin is our dog LOL

Ok, now for the tutorials! When I asked for  suggestions for upcoming blog posts it seemed we have a few people interested in taking up sewing, so I decide to share today some info about my sewing machine and a couple tutorials of easy things to make (besides the legwarmer tutorial I already posted :-)

First, here is my sewing machine:

It was $169 at Walmart with free site to store shipping when I bought it. Now it looks like you might get a $20 rebate too: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Brother-Computerized-Sewing-Machine-CS6000I/4764726?sourceid=1500000000000003260370
Depending on your budget, I feel this is a great sewing machine for the money. You can get more basic machines for under $100, but if you have the little bit extra to spend this one is very user friendly and you won't have to upgrade right away if you end up liking sewing a lot.

It even has "directions for dummies" printed right on the machine to show you how to thread it :-)

So besides the super easy 10 minutes legwarmers here  is another very easy item to make. A basic skirt. Moms of girls will love this because there are so many cute fabric  prints out there and you can whip up a skirt in one hour, so for about $3 of fabric and an hour of your time you have a cute skirt! Now any time you add trim, ruffles, etc. it gets a little trickier, but this basic skirt is very easy.

First you cut two identical rectangles of fabric. I bought a basic skirt pattern off of Etsy. for $3 and that has the measurements for all the different size skirts you might make, but you might be able to find something similiar for free if you google it. I  think for this size 12 month skirt I used a peice 18inches wide by 13 inches long.

So cut the two identical rectangles and then place them right sides together....like so:

Then you sew the two peices together on the short sides (left and right sides of the above picture). You just sew a basic straight stitch...easy peasy. To "finish" the edge so it doesn't fray in the wash you can then zig zag stitch over the edge of the seams. This is optional.

^^^The pink stitching is the straight stitch, and you can add zig zag stitching to the left of that, to finish the edge

So now you have your two peices of fabric sewn together on the sides. Super easy so far right? Now fold up the bottom hem, about 1/4 inch, then again a 1/4 inch. This will give a finished hem on the bottom. Pin it in place and then straight stitch it. Then fold the top down 1/4 inch, and then 1 inch and pin in place. Straight stitch this all around except for about a 2 inch opening (where you will thread the elastic for the waistband.

Take elastic band (you can buy this anywhere in the sewing section---I use 3/4 inch wide) and attache a saftey pin to one end. Use the safety pin to thread one end of the elastic through the opening you left when you sewed the top.

After you thread  the elastic then sew to two  ends of elastic together. Now you have your waistband! (Oh, I should say you cut the length of the elastic to whatever your childs waist is. For a 12 month skirt I did 17 inches.) After you sew the 2 ends of the elastic together you then stitch shut the 2 inch opening you had left to thread the elastic through. Now  you are done!!

Don't worry if it seems a little confusing. If you understand even 50% of my directions I'm sure you could figure it out :-) The first skirt I made took me about 2 hours and a few mistakes, but after I figured it out now I can whip them up in under an hour and they are so fun to make!

Then the next thing is I MADE MY FIRST PAIR OF PANTS! Leggings to be exact :-) Leggings aren't neccessarily expensive to purchase, but my problem is that I can always find purple and pink and other basic girl colors, but sometimes I have a dress or skirt that I want leggings for in the winter and I have a hard time finding the right color! So I came across this tutorial the other day and it looked  so easy I had to try it. And it WAS easy! I made these leggings in about 15 minutes out of an old maternity shirt I didn't like anymore.

Here is the tutorial: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2011/09/super-simple-leggings-only-2-fabric-pieces.html

It was my first try so they aren't perfect but I"m so happy with how they turned out and now I'm looking for all kinds of other old shirts to make more pants out of!!

These that I made have an elastic ankle because the  maternity shirt I used had elastic at the bottom. I made them to go with a size 6 shirt I had picked up dirt cheap, which I"m letting Raya wear as a dress for now (don't  you love how versatile girl clothes are?! Dresses as tanks and tunics when they outgrow them and shirts as dresses before they grow into them :-)

Hope this inspires you to give sewing a try--you will love it! :-)

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  1. That first pic of Raya is sooooo cute!!!! It is sad leaving your house, but you'll make new memories in your new one!!!
    Grama F


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