Saturday, September 17, 2011

Harper's 1st Birthday!

Tonight we celebrated my niece Harper's 1st birthday!

Cat themed outfit made by me ;-)
I appologize because I am too tired to do a proper update and tomorrow my mom and I go back to our old house to do one final cleaning before we officially sell the house on Monday--wish us luck! The good news is that after Monday our bank account will look pretty nice LOL...that is until we purchase the new house in Oct. :-P

I also appologize because I was using my mom's camera at the party and it was completely acting up--so the pictures kinda suck haha

Here goes nothing! More pictures to come tomorrow...

She wouldn't leave the headband I made her on :-P

All the kids "helped" her dig in to her cake. My chunkbutt Raya was the last one standing!

Hope you had a great party Harper....we love you!


  1. That cat theme shirt and tutu are adorable!! I think I have a huge weakness for tutus, to bad I can't throw one on my little man, just for a day ;) haha. I need to talk to you about possibly making a birthday shirt for us! but Little man isn't one till January so no rush! let us know when your etsy shop is back up and running!!

  2. Thanks!! I'd be happy to make him something :-) I plan to reopen in October!


  3. Happy Birthday to Harper! Looks like they all had a good time. Harper's birthday outfit is awesome. You do such good work!

  4. Harper looked sooooooo cute in the outfit you made!!! She is very lucky to have such a talented aunt!!!!
    It was sad cleaning the old house, I sure wish we could have found St Joseph!!!!
    Grama F


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