Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sewing for beginners -- Easy Peasy leg warmers tutorial

In case you haven't  seen my earlier update, I'm asking for suggestions on what  I should blog about! Check out my update here and leave me some ideas :

Thanks to those of you who have already made suggestions! I decided my first update will be a tutorial on how  to make legwarmers for you little ones. I think every mom becomes a wannabe sewer--I mean, kids are just so fun to dress up and kid's clothes gets expensive after awhile!!! I think I've mentioned before that I self taught  myself to crochet, hand stitch, and just a few months ago how to machine sew. I like to think I have some degree of natural talent in these areas LOL, but don't be intimidated because these things are actually much easier to do than you might imagine! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn how to do basic sewing--just a little time and practice and you will be sewing super cute stuff in no time!

In future updates I'll share more about my sewing machine and other tutorials, but for a beginner wanting to learn how to sew I suggest sticking with  the basics--legwarmers, simple skirts, and tshirt/tank dresses are sooooooooooooo easy. If you can  sew in a straight line (trust me, you can!) then you can make all these things :-)

So tonight here is a simple how-to tutorial for sewing legwarmers. No crap, this is a 10 minute project. (I should state that I didn't invent  legwarmer making obviously. There are other tutorials out there in internet land as well. But  I do think that my model is the cutest of them all hehe)

Ok, to get started you will need  this:

1) One pair of women's knee high socks. Target has "exhilaration" brand socks for $2 in tons of super cute patterns.
2) A ruler or straight edge (or just eyeball it)
3) A rotary cutter and cutting  mat (or a basic scissors--the  rotary cutter and mat is a great purchase if you plan on cutting fabrics for skirts, etc. in the future)
4) Sewing machine (I have a midrange sewing machine with 60 different stitches. I love it but I have honestly only ever used 2 stitches--the s traight stitch or zig zag stitch. If you are a beginner and want  a cheaper sewing machine then just get a basic one for under $100. All you need are those 2 stitches and you can sew almost anything.)

*You could also sew these legwarmers  by hand if you don't have a sewing machine. It will take longer but I see no reason why you couldn't do it :-)

Ok, so take your socks and cut them like  so:

You cut off the  "foot" of the sock first. I  cut right above the heel so that as much sock as possible  is left, but if you are making these for a newborn and want shorter legwarmers then just cut them to a shorter length. Then take the foot  of the sock and cut off the heel and toe (and throw those peices away).

Now take the smaller section of sock and turn it inside of itself so that the two raw edges are together

Now you have the two parts ready to sew together to make the're almost done already!

Here's the trickiest part. With the raw edges together line up the smaller peice on top of the longer piece, with right sides together. You can pin them together if you want, but  this doesn't have to be really precise so I usually don't. When you sew you'll be sewing through THREE layers of sock layer of the long piece and the two layers of the little piece.Keep turning the sock as you sew and then when you get to the last little bit you just pull the long part of the sock through the opening (to turn it all right side out) and sew up the last little bit.

If that gets confusing you can also stick the long part of the sock *through* the small part, lining up the rough edges of both peices. Then sew all around. Whichever way makes more sense to you.
If you are machine stitching I suggest using a zig zag stitch, because it will allow more stretch. Regardless of whether you machine stitch or hand stitch I wouldn't worry too much about what your stitches look  like. The great thing about legwarmers is that you will not see any of your stitches when they are worn! And if the seam you sew gets a little funky looking it is absolutely no problem b/c that part of the legwarmer is usually bunched up at the ankle when they're worn anyways :-)

This last part is completely  optional, but if you have a sewing machine I like to zigzag stitch the seam at the very end. This just keeps the material from fraying so much when it's washed, but like I said it's completely optional because the seam is hidden  inside the legwarmers anyways.

So that's it! You've made your first pair of legwarmers!!! Seriously, I  just pick socks  up as I see them and so for $2 and about 10 minutes of your time you can have an adorable pair of legwarmers. People selling these things are making a mint off of us fashion savy moms! And when you make your own you can pick the color and pattern you really love so don't wait--make a pair!

I'd say "then your kid can be as cute as mine" but really, I just don't think this degree of cuteness can be duplicated :-P I dare you to try! hehe

I wish I  could call a spontaneous "photo war" now! Our old deck makes for a pretty neat background!

Hope you all enjoyed my tutorial! If this  is helpful and you end  up creating loads of awesome legwarmers I'd appreciate a linky back to this entry so that I can get credit and fame for my super duper instructions :-) You are also welcome to "like" me all over your facebook and "pin" me all over your Pinterest--have at it LOL

And once again, here is the earlier entry from today where you can submit your own request for a future blog topic!


  1. I had to show Tyler how cute Brielle was in my attempt to convince him that I NEED a sewing machine. Thank you Brielle for helping my cause :)


  2. That Brielle is just the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. thanks for this great tutorial! I need to go out and buy a bunch of socks and a sewing machine now! And yes Brielle is super adorable!!



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