Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tying up loose ends

The first order of business today was that my mom and I went back to clean the old house--my last visit ever to the old homestead :-P It actually wasn't sad because I just wanted to clean and get out of there...with all the furniture gone it doesn't feel like home anymore and I'm ready to move on to the new house!

My mom was bound and determined to dig up Saint Joseph (per Lee's request) because apparently after Saint Joseph helps you sell your home you are supposed to dig him up and place him in a spot of honor at your new home. Well, my mom couldn't find him! Apparently Lee should have marked the spot better LOL...but she dug and dug and we never did uncover the little guy, so instead I made my mom do a cheesy "thumbs up" photo with Saint Joseph--it's a good a farewell as he's going to get I guess!

The house looked so weird all emptied out! The movers did a good job though and got most everything--we just had to vacuum and wipe out tomorrow we "close" the sale for good!

The girls' playroom was looking mighty sad and bare....bye playroom, we'll miss you! :-)

...and final farewell photos of the nursery trees. I still remember helping Lee paint these when I was about 7 months pregnant with Raya!

So now our little family is technically homeless--nothing like being almost 30 years old and living in your parents' basement! haha. Less than 3 weeks left....I think I can.... :-)

Now on a completely unrelated note, we have some loose ends to tie up in regards to my birthday post yesterday. First, I wanted to share a couple professional pictures of Harper that came back recently...Emily had her wear her birthday outfit I made and it looked so cute!

Harper still wouldn't wear her headband...evil baby

...but Sawyer volunteered to!

So Harper's birthday was a cat theme obviously....and Emily's sister made the cutest kitty cake pops--they were so delicious! She's an awesome baker

I'm thinking about seeing if she might be willing to make some sock monkey cake pops for Brielle's birthday in January. Did I mention we're going to have the coolest sock monkey birthday ever?! Yeah, more on that to come in future updates I'm sure ;-) Speaking on Emily's sister, that poor woman will be watching SIX children on Tuesday morning. She has two little boys similiar in age to my girls and so on Tuesday I had asked her to watch my girls while I attend an eye appointment (long story short the arthritis meds I"m on can cause eye issues so I have to have an exam, plus I think I may need reading glasses--ack!) anyways she was going to have 4 kids ages 3 and under. Well now she is watching Sawyer and Harper on Tuesdays so she's going to have 6 kids ages 3 and under that morning LOL. I have faith my girls will still be alive when I go to pick them up....but Abby might not be! ;-)

Ok, back to the birthday party, here are a few more random photos to share....enjoy!

Sawyer singing "happy birthday"

Birthday kisses

Eating cake pops at the "kitty table"...get it? Kitty/kiddie table?! hehe...Emily made that joke yesterday :-P

And to end, some pictures of my cuties dressed up before the birthday party. Clearly Harper was the cutest birthday girl of all, but I couldn't allow my girls to blend into the crowd haha :-)

Have a great week!


  1. I like the pro pics of Harper- really cute. Also love Raya's polka dot skirt & the cake pops.

  2. On Wednesday July 13, your blog entitled "Hey its worth a shot" has a photo of exactly where that Saint Joseph was buried....probably too late to go back now!!! :(

  3. Yeah, we were digging right where we thought we had him but he disappeared or something! A miracle? hehe


  4. I can't believe we didn't think about that blog of St Joseph!!! I told Shawna we need to tell their realtor to dig him up and mail him to us!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Harper looked so cute in her outfit! Love Raya's skirt, so cute.


  6. Adorable! Where is Raya's jacket from? Its SO CUTE


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