Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild thing, you make my heart sing

She's definitely my wild thing! Gotta love her :-)

Hat and boots were Raya's...outfit was from my mom. She wore this outfit yesterday to my mom's work...for her 9 month checkup. She weighed in at 19.4 pounds (54th%ile I believe it was) and 27+ inches (34th %ile I think). She's my petite girl! Everything looked good though. ...Still need to do that 9 month photoshoot with sock monkey...bad Shawna!

The boots  still don't fit quite right. She hates wearing them so it's only for pictures pretty much haha. Whenever she pulls up (as you can see below) the boots turn and do crazy things!

Miss Raya had to dress cute to go visit Grandma at work too. When I said we were going she said "ouchie!" haha...she remembered getting her flu shot there!

After the doctor Brielle fell asleep...when I laid her down to get Raya's coat off she just stayed sleeping! haha

Yesterday afternoon the girls played nicely together...

In other news, yesterday I used the apples our neighbor brought us from his tree to make my first ever apple crisp....turned out yummy :-)

And here are the 8x10 prints I ordered on Etsy for the girls' room--owl for raya and sock monkey for Brielle of course :-) Just have to get frames and hang them up! They turned out so cute and match the bedding perfectly...

Oh, monday night Lee created a fort with tunnel out of moving boxes...

The puppies tried it out too :-)

I sent Brielle in, but then regretted it when Raya held her hostage in the tunnel LOL

Brielle--this way to freedom!

lastly a few cute pictures from today ...enjoy!


  1. OMG that 1st picture of Brielle is absolutly adorable!!!! Love love love her outfit. We have those boots too. That last picture of the girls is adorable!


  2. Cute pics!!!!!! Brielle looks soooo cute in that outfit!!! That last pic of the girls is adorable, you can just see how much Raya adores her baby sister!
    Grama F

  3. Cael would go NUTS for that fort! I'm so jealous... will definitely have to start stockpiling boxes! :)

  4. You have freaking adorable kids! I love the first one of Brielle. I thought it was funny because I just posted a picture of Kyla standing at our patio door. She doesn't have that awesome outfit on though! And how did you even get those boots on her? I can't even get Kyla's feet in any boots. Maybe it's the Mom inexperience, I don't know. I've tried at Walmart a few times, haha.

    Glad the 9 month checkup went well. LOVE the canvas pictures for the girls!


  5. PS - You have an award on my blog!


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