Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brielle is HOME!

We're home! This morning the pediatrician gave the OK for Miss Brielle to come home :-) She's a little  jaundice, but they will  check her progress on Saturday morning when I take her back  for her re-check. Hopefully her numbers stay ok so that  we don't  have to do a billiblanket or anything. She's eating really well so that should help flush her  system.

While I killed time before we were released I  of course took some pictures!

Here is Brielle trying out the super soft fleece outfit Grandma F. got her...I just  laugh every time I see her swim in size newborn different from Raya!

Someone didn't feel like waking up this morning!!! Me either Brielle, me either :-P

Then I dressed her in her "going home" monkey outfit hehe. That actually fit about as well as anything so far. I decided we better take our first mother/daughter self portrait :-)

You can tell in these pics that Brielle is kinda yellow from the  jaundice.

Then Mama set up a little picture studio on her hospital bed so that Brielle could experience one of my famous photoshoots! :-P We had to properly document her coming home outfit no doubt.

We did some without a hat....

...and some with a hat!


Then we had to model the  matching jacket :-)

Funny at this point in the photoshoot my epi man (doctor) came in to just check  and make sure I wasn't having any side effects from my epidural, etc. ....and he looks at Brielle (wearing this outfit and laying on this blanket) and says "he's so cute....he's a boy right?"  HAHAHA...he wasn't even an old guy! No idea how he missed all the pink ;-)

She fell asleep...aparently my photoshoots are pretty dull

I  just had to take a picture of her cuddled up by my boob, sound asleep hehe. She's just the cutest thing ever! Takes after her big  sis :-)

Since Lee had to go back to work today Grandma F. brought  Raya up to the hospital around 10am to pick Brielle  and I up. Grandma had prepared  quite the get-up for Miss Raya to wear and as they entered labor and delivery I could her the gasps and "awwwws" from the nurses haha. When my mom got to my room she was pretty proud of herself b/c the  nurses were still going on about how stinkin' cute  Raya looked!

She is still  loving baby Brielle. The first thing she did when she came into the hospital  room was run over to Brielle and give her a big  hug--unprompted! :-) She is convinced that "bay bee" is her own plaything though haha. She tries to pick  her  up and always wants to give big  bear hugs, etc. ...and "pet" the baby. She's  doing really  well with her, but still needs to learn to be "soft" when touching the baby. When the baby cries she  will  go "uh oh! uh oh!"

Once we got all my stuff  packed up we were ready to head home! Since  most of our hats are still too big for Brielle's petite head we stuck with the  cozy pink hat for the ride home :-)

All cozy in her  carseat and ready to go!

Raya kept watch for  us  in the car :-)

When we got home Raya immediately tried to get the baby out of her  carseat LOL

She was annoyed when I took  Brielle out  myself :-P

I'm so happy to be home with BOTH my baby  girls! How'd I get so lucky? I can't  wait to see them interact more and more as Brielle gets bigger...we're going to have so much girlie fun!

I  can already tell though that's it's definitely going to be much much harder this time around...having 2 kids under 2 is hard!! If  my mom hadn't of been here today I know we would have had no dinner, the house would be a pit, and Raya would have thrown a lot more tantrums! I have gotten nothing done other than feed the baby pretty much...besides the 2 hour nap I got while Grandma babysat--ahhhh :-) Miss Raya, while she loves Brielle, is definitely showing signs of jealously as well. It's pretty pitiful when I"m nursing b/c she desperately tries to crawl on my lap and she says "mama! mama!" in a sad little voice like she's been betrayed :-( Hopefully we can settle into some sort of routine soon.

Well, that's  about it for's been a looooooong day!!!

Brielle already has a headache from the craziness of our household :-P

Poor baby...Mama feels your pain though :-P

Wish us  luck  tonight! I have absolutely no idea how  well she'll  sleep b/c I had  the  nurses watch her  for me at night, and they just  brought her in every 2 hours for me to feed her. So i don't know if  she slept the rest of the time at the nurses station or if they had to fuss  with her a lot. Let's hope she is accustomed to lots of sleeping!!!!

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  1. lots of great pics. i absolutely love that little brown/polka dot hat on brielle, so cute! also grandma did a great job dressing raya up, what a fashionista.


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