Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm outnumbered.

So today I wanted to attempt going somewhere by myself with both kids. I've been intimidated by the idea of taking them out alone, so I decided a quick Target run would be a good steps people :-P Well, Raya woke up at the buttcrack of dawn this morning, which then made it impossible for me to get a shower this morning (I can't  shower when that kid is awake....she gets into EVERYTHING!) then I had to wait until Raya took her afternoon nap to try and squeeze in a shower. Of course Brielle had a shit fit about 2 minutes into my shower so I  had to quick  rinse my hair and hop out to shut  her  up before she woke up Raya! haha. Well finally  by like 3pm I had showered and we were ready to go. It took a good 15-20 minutes to get out the door (packing the diaper bag for 2 kids, getting Raya  in her hat, coat, boots, loaded into the car....then getting Brielle all bundled in her carseat and loaded into the car). By the time I left my driveway I was already exhausted! haha. The kids were (thankfully) good in the car and then once I got to Target I had to grab a cart in the parking lot and try to figure out how I was getting them both inside ! Well Brielle's carseat had to go in the main part of the cart, and then with her seat in there I had no place to set our  diaper bag or coats, so those had to pile underneath the cart....and then the seat in front wouldn't pull  out all  the  way b/c Brielle's carseat was blocking  it, so Raya had to walk next to the cart for most of the trip, which was of so fun and made it take about 2 hours to go down one aisle (not counting the time I lost her and then found her playing with bottles of wine in the alcohol aisle!). Brielle was decent, except for the 5 minute screaming fit--and in case you don't  know, newborns have a wail that will pierce your eardrums.

I was  never so happy to get back home in my life :-P

Final score= Mama 0, Girls 1

And on that note, here's a couple quick pictures of those darling daughters this morning (Brielle was still in her  pjs :-)

If Brielle had  a "thought bubble" in this picture I can only imagine what it  would say!!! :-P

Lastly, it's getting really hard to do comparisons of Raya and Brielle's baby pictures now, b/c all the clothes Brielle is wearing (or is waiting to grow in to!) are clothes that chunk butt Raya wore in her first week! Here is an outfit that Raya wore at about 4 days old, and Brielle just wore it yesterday (it's still too big!) at 15 days old haha.

They really  aren't looking much alike here at all! Of course Raya has a paci in which makes it hard to tell. But Brielle is still so tiny compared to Raya! I'm also noticing that Raya had more noticeable eyebrows than Brielle  does, and Raya's eyelids are "droopier" or something.

One more for the road...

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  1. I remember those days!!! I had dad do all the grocery shopping, it just wasn't worth it!!!!
    It will be fun to see what Brielle looks like once she starts filling out!!
    Grama F


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