Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just a quick pictureless update :-P

No pictures to share today, but thought being "gone" from the blog for 2 days might  have people wondering if baby came haha.

Lee and I had decided that yesterday was pretty much the last day we'd want Brielle to arrive before it became very inconvienent for his new job, at which point holding off until next week  would be better. If we would have had her yesterday some time we could have been out of the hospital just  in time for him to start work on Tuesday. Soooooo, he watched Raya yesterday while I went to the mall and did a lot of walking haha. Walking is what jumpstarted my contractions with Raya so I figured it  was worth a shot.  However the only thing a day of walking did for me yesterday was give me a sore back!!! Not a single contraction lol. I told Lee she's obviously a girl b/c she needs plenty of time to "primp" in there for her  big  debut....she is bound and determined to hold  out on us haha.

So now today I've just been taking it easy, doing a little laundry, etc. Lee is freaked out about missing  his orientation day of work on Tuesday and he will be extremely upset if for some reason he can't go to work on Tuesday, so now I feel the need to sit here until at least Wednesday with my legs crossed hahaha.

Lee's mom is supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon some time I think, so we're officially entering the "Shawna will never be left alone" stage of this pregnancy haha. Honestly it's a little overwhelming to think about having a house guest right now b/c I'm not one that really enjoys that :-P  ....but I am happy to know that if Brielle shows up this week then I won't have to take Raya with me to the hospital!! Hopefully the week goes by quickly, but as anyone who's ever had a baby knows the last couple weeks of your pregnancy are the slowest you will ever experience in your whole entire life. I absolutely cannot wait until the big day arrives!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's about all  I have to report for now. Hopefully the next few days are quiet and contraction-less for Lee's sake :-)

***ok, I lied. Let's just have one picture of baby Raya at the hospital  on her  first day of life. Look at all that  newborn cuddly goodness! :-)


  1. walking did nothing for me either! my mom took me walking so much to try and get things started with Keira and it did nothing, but like you make me have a sore back! That baby pic of Raya is just so adorable...cant wait to see what Miss Brielle looks like. Not much longer to go

  2. I hope Brielle waits for me!!!! I can't believe how much Raya has grown. I can't wait to see if Brielle looks like her big sister!
    Love, Grama F


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