Friday, January 21, 2011

Operation cuddle :-)

So Lee recently called to say that the realtor who was coming tonight is sick with the  flu, and needs to reschedule. At that point I decided to screw picking up the  house and immediately begin "operation cuddle"...because cuddling this amount  of cuteness is way more fun than anything else I could be doing around the house! :-)

Raya has been home all day today (currently napping) and oh my, I certainly have my hands full with these two! I think back to when I brought Raya home from the hospital and I can't  help but laugh. I was sooo busy with her and couldn't  keep up with  any housework, barely got showers, etc. and was always telling Lee that I simply had no time during the day when trying to take care of a newborn. ....and I wasn't  lying---I honestly felt at the time that Raya was keeping me completely busy 24-7. NOW however, I send Raya to daycare in order to get a vacation or get work  done around the house....b/c with only  a newborn at home things seem so "easy" now!! :-P Maybe it's partly that the things that seemed new and overwhelming with newborn Raya are now second nature for me with my second, but  I think it's mostly just a matter of perspective....and trust me, having two little  ones under 2 is a lot of work!! I wonder if/when I have a third baby if I'll look back at this t ime and think I had it so easy with "only" two kids? haha

Really though,  Raya has been pretty good this morning. The biggest challenge is still protecting poor Brielle from her well-meaning big sister. If the child doesn't have  brain damage by now I'll be shocked! haha. Today I turned my back  for literally 5 seconds to grab a pan and when I turned back I saw Raya's knee on Brielle's head and she tried to climb into the bouncey seat on top of Brielle!! Poor baby  had a big red mark on her head for awhile after that lol. Then we were in the  playroom and Raya really wanted to hold the baby, so she sat in the c hair and held her soooo  nicely and very gentle. which point she wanted me to let go of Brielle, b/c she didn't like me helping her hold the baby. Since she was being so nice and carefully took my hand away and honest to god, just that fast Raya FLINGS Brielle off of her lap and screams "all done!" and poor Brielle was face first in the chair cushion LOL. Luckily no one seemed injured :-P

This is how things typically go with the girls.

First, Raya just  gazes at poor, unsuspecting Brielle, who happily sits in her bouncey...

As Raya leans in for hugs and kisses Brielle starts to look a little suspicious...

Then Brielle nearly  smothers at the  hands of her sister...

At which point Brielle has lost any remaining trust in her sister and pretty much waits quietly, praying that Raya loses interest in her!

...and it  continues  on and on like that all day haha. I can't  get anything done around the house until  Raya is napping b/c  I spend all my time guarding Brielle!

But Miss  Raya means well...

Sorry Brielle, you better learn to crawl get away! :-)    (Don't you just love Brielle's hair?! It cracks me up the  way it sticks up in the back!)

Today Raya slept in so I had time to do a little  photoshoot with Brielle after she got dressed for the day

I seriously don't know how infant photographers do it, b/c I have the hardest time getting the child to keep her eyes looking the same direction, let alone at the camera!!

And when Missy Moe woke up we did a quick photoshoot with her as well....she'll never be a baby  model though b/c she refuses to sit still  for pictures!

Dancing along to Barney and Friends :-P

To end, a couple sisterly love pictures...

All kidding aside, Raya is doing great with Brielle and I'm so glad I got my 2 girls just like I wanted, because I can already see the beginnings of a great friendship with the two of them. I think having a sister is a very special thing, and I'm so glad I was able to give that to them :-)

Bye-bye  from my little  peanut!

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  1. Oh what adorable pics!!! Poor Raya just loves Brielle sooo much, but the look on Brielles face says it all!!!Did you have the whole house picked up before you found out the realtor wasn't coming? Brielles hair looks like it's already comig in, you can see her hairline in front. Give everybody a kiss for me!
    Grama F


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