Friday, January 7, 2011

Ok, seriously....

you can all start sending baby vibes my way again....before I lose my mind! Even though I'm 99% sure this baby will need to be kicked out on Tuesday I'm holding on to a sliver of hope that she'll come on her own before then. The days are passing sooooooo slowly no matter what I do and the whole sleep situation is ridiculous! Last night I had to surf the web from approx. 1:30am until after 4am b/c I absolutely couldn't sleep at all. My legs were restless and every time I'd almost fall asleep I'd have to pee again, which would wake me (and the baby!) up and the whole horrific process would start over again.

I'm 39 weeks tomorrow. Why can't one of my children just choose to come a little early on their own?!

Ending my rant now :-P

And sorry, no pics. Although I plan to take some pics  of Raya and Grandma H.  before she leaves tomorrow. We're going out to dinner tonight since it's her last night here I think....then I believe Grandma F. is coming Sunday. (Hear that Brielle? You could come on Saturday during the window of time with no grandma present! That would I'm sure satisfy your need to be difficult, and still grant my wish of going early haha. Do it! :-) Raya can sit on my lap while I this point I no longer care lol)


  1. sending you the baby vibes! I know how your feeling! Hoping she comes earlier than Tuesday!

  2. Brielle, Grama is off work now so anytime is OK!!
    Grama F


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