Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sisterly Love

I took  these pictures yesterday...Brielle was wearing a onesie from our friend Bridgett that said "world's cutest little sister" ...so  of course I had to try to take some sister pictures :-) Neither child was being too cooperative though! haha

Sorry Brielle, you will learn that sometimes unflattering pictures will be posted of you, if Raya is actually looking at the camera. Her attention to the camera is so rare now that it trumps you :-P

Raya was being a pill  yesterday and didn't want me to help her hold Brielle, but she was being pretty rough....so I ended up having to take Brielle away from her, at which point Raya  had a shit fit :-P

Today Miss Brielle is 2 weeks old! She had her 2 week doctor's appt. today and the doctor said she looks just  perfect. He thought the jaundice was looking totally fine and under control, her weight is now 6lbs 8 oz (one ounce above her birth weight, which is great...the general rule is that they want babies to be at least back up to their birth weight by 2 weeks old)...Brielle was 19 inches long, which is 1/4 inch longer than birth, but that could just be b/c  she's less curled up now than she was at birth. Length is a hard thing to measure on newborns. Oh, and her  cord stump fell off today at the doctors! haha...so glad that's when it happened to, b/c the actual moment of the stump falling off grosses me out :-P  ...the funny part is that Raya w as 8lbs 12oz and 20 inches at birth, and by 2 weeks was up to 9lbs 4oz! haha. She grew fast--so it's somewhat refreshing to have Brielle take things a little slower this time :-)

Raya went to daycare this morning, but  is  home now (everyone's napping!). She cried a lot when I dropped her off today, but Erin said she had a good day overall. They  played outside  in the snow :-) Erin did say that Raya didn't really eat much lunch....but  I told her that  unless she was serving peanut butter sandwiches and cookies or something that didn't really surprise me lol. When Raya got home she was starving and threw a giant tantrum for food, so since I just needed her  to eat and go to bed I let her pick  out what she wanted to eat. She looked through the cupboard and carefully chose a container of baby food prunes and a pudding cup hahaha. She happily ate those things up and went to bed :-P

She's trouble!

To end, here are a few more random pics  of Brielle from yesterday

Since Bridgett gave her the onesie and we know she likes hats, not headbands, we put on a hat for a picture :-P

....however Brielle didn't have  rave reviews for the hat lol

That's all  for today!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that Brielle checked out perfect!!!!I hope Raya continues to have good days at Erins.
    Grama F


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