Monday, January 17, 2011

First bath!

What a treat we have for you tonight. Raya's first bath blog went down as one of the funniest blog entries ever, if you remember. She made the absolute BEST faces haha. Well tonight Miss Brielle had her very first bath! However, unlike Raya she actually seemed to enjoy it! We didn't get nearly the crazy expressions this time around :-) The only part she didn't really like was the end when she got cold. Otherwise I'd say it was a success!

Bath time rocks!

And because  Raya's expressions were so priceless, here are some comparison photos. Raya and Brielle don't  look as identical in these as they have in previous comparison photos, but I think it's because Brielle simply could not compete with the dramatic expressions that Raya had mustered up!

Raya on the left, Brielle on the right

When John came to visit on Sunday he brought along a gift he had picked out all by himself...a pink  "spa" bath for Brielle! haha. It's  like a jetted tub that blows bubbles and has a handheld shower sprayer etc. lol. We haven't gotten it out yet, but when we do I"ll be sure to take pictures. I wonder what Brielle will  think of THAT!

Ok, now for some pics from earlier today. Due to the snow we got I didn't take Raya to daycare this morning...I had both girls all day by myself! It actually went pretty well. Raya watched way more tv than I would like, just b/c that's all that would keep her attention while I nursed, but other than that things went pretty well. I tried out my wrap carrier for the first time today and Brielle really loved it! She went right to sleep :-)

Raya was a very good helper today. Although she wanted to "help" push Brielle in the swing today and poor Brielle might as well have been on a six flags rollercoaster....Raya had her movin' mighty fast!!!

Raya just loves Brielle so makes me smile :-) Every morning when I get her up the first thing she says is "bay bee? bay bee?" and just has to go look for her.  The trouble is still that she doesn't understand how to be gentle with the baby, and when i correct her and say "soft" Raya tends to cry b/c it hurts her feelings. Poor baby....hopefully soon she'll figure out how to be a little more gentle!

Today Brielle had some awake time in her bouncey seat

But then she got fussy so I dug out a paci that Raya  never liked...b/c the  paci from the hospital just hasn't been a hit with Brielle. She's kept it in her mouth a couple times for maybe 5 minutes, but then she starts gagging on it. Well I typically hate this other type of paci b/c they are so huge and weird looking lol...but I tried it and guess what? Brielle loved it! She used it multiple times today.

...and she's asleep!

Lastly, Brielle professional newborn photoshoot is tomorrow!!!! (Assuming the roads are decent in the morning and cleared of snow....otherwise we're going Wed.) I just LOVE photo day haha...and I have been thinking about Brielle's photos for quite some time now :-) I am bringing two "get-ups" for pictures, and then whatever the photographer wants to do as well. So I decided to test run my two looks today.

Brielle liked the hat and cocoon set...

But then she got VERY grumpy when I changed her into the second look....apparently she doesn't approve of my shabby chic ensemble :-P

Hopefully this isn't a sign of what her shoot will be like! You may remember that Raya gave the photographer quite a run for her money during her newborn was a little bit of a disaster, even though we did end up with many cute pics. I'm hoping that Brielle will be more cooperative  tomorrow!!! doesn't  look good though...

Hope the weather (and Brielle!) cooperates tomorrow!  ***And don't  miss my movie below!


  1. Oh how I love checking the blog and seeing more pics!!! I'm soooo glad tha Raya loves Brielle! The outfits for pics are to die for!!!! The shabby Chic is my favorite, the background of your brown couch looks really good with both outfits. I'm glad I'm not going along though, that was too much for my nerves with Raya!!!!
    Call me after pics to let me know how it went!
    Grama F

  2. Good luck at the pictures, cant wait to see them. The outfits are so cute. Kaylee does the same with Keira trying to push her in her swing or bounce her to hard in the her bouncer seat. But Keira gets big smiles when Kaylee gets in her face and talks to her, its so cute


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