Sunday, January 16, 2011

Visit from Uncle John and Aunt Emily!

First  off, last night's sleep WAS a little better  than our first night home, so that was good!  She did a 1.5 hour chunk and  then a 3 hour chunk of sleep--in her  crib...yay Brielle! Unfortunately that  meant I still didn't even get 5 hours of sleep all night (and I'm now looking and feeling very tired!!!) but progress is progress :-P

This morning we had an appointment to take Brielle back the the hospital for her weight check and jaundice check.  Her  billiruben level had risen 5 points, but she is still  considered "low risk" for jaundice based on all the  factors they use. Her weight was 6lbs 7 oz at birth and when we left the hospital is was 5lbs 15 oz....and today it was also 5lbs 15 oz....which means she likely lost a little more after leaving the hospital  (common) and then has started gaining again now that my milk is in. Because of all those factors they did want to see Brielle again tomorrow, just to  check  and make sure she's continuing to improve. But otherwise things seem to be going great! :-)

Today was Grandma F's last day, and I already miss the help and cleaning and food!!! Hopefully Lee can help me catch up on some sleep tomorrow, b/c I'm starting to enter the walking zombie state of deliriousness haha.

Bye bye Grandma!

This  afternoon my brother and  his family came to visit. Raya had  soooooo much fun playing with counsin sawyer! Harper is  getting very big and I  can't  wait for her and Brielle to play together soon.

Aren't Harper and Brielle cute cousins?! (Harper is wearing one of the hats I made  her  for xmas!)

Brielle is still a little yellow from her jaundice...

 Harper is growing so fast! She's 4 months old now, and looks like Emily!

Please excuse how exhausted I look! lol

Harper may be bigger, but Brielle has more hair! hehe

Raya was SOOOOOO excited to have her cousins here today. It was almost pitiful b/c she acted like a child who has never had a friend in her whole life lol. She was giving Harper hugs....

And followed Sawyer around like a puppy dog, copying his every move! :-P When they had snack together she insisted on standing as close to him as possible :-)

They did a lot of wrestling too! haha. They played together on the slide/climber toy downstairs and had a blast rolling around on top of eachother. They also "wrestled" and goofed around upstairs too! Raya was in 7th heaven. It'll be so nice when we move back home so that they can play together a lot more often.

Meeting Aunt Emily for the first time!

...and Uncle John!

After our company left Daddy cuddled some of our babies--furballs included :-)

Miss Brielle was a tired baby girl after all the day's excitement!

This little outfit was Raya's "coming home" outfit ...I can't beleive Raya used to be (approx) this small!!!!!

Caught the tail end of a sleepy smile...

To end, her is a photo my mom snapped today....yep, I'm officially sleep deprived!!!

...but still lovin' every minute with my new baby girl!

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  1. It's sooo much fun watching Sawyer and Raya together, she just loves him, and I think Sawyer considers her his little side buddy!!!!! I can't wait to see Harper and Brielle play house together!
    Hope you get some rest, kiss both girls for me!
    Love, Grama F


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