Friday, January 14, 2011

First night home--Lord help me!

Well, I'd be lying if I didn't say last night was rough! haha. Brielle did NOT like her crib and every time I'd lay her down she'd sleep 5-10 minutes--just long enough for me to get all tucked in my bed--and then she'd start screaming bloody murder. Oh the joys of your first night(s) home with a newborn! I got a grand total of about 2 hours sleep all night...with 1.5 of those hours being on the couch. Thankfully when my  mom woke up she watched Brielle so that I could sleep 2 more hours until Raya woke up. How I survived all day on 4 hours sleep total  I have no idea, but I  did it! Hopefully tonight goes better. I  try really hard not to complain though, because I am just  so grateful to have her  here healthy and happy after a long 40 weeks. It's totally worth the sleepless nights. I'm just as amazed this time around as I was with Raya  that  I have this real little  person here now, who 9 months ago didn't exist, and who only 2 short days ago was in my belly! I fall more in love with her every day...she's just perfect :-)

...but perfection has a price. I'll  go on the record now as saying that Brielle doesn't only LOOK like Miss Raya....I'm beginning to think she is also going to have Raya's attitude! As I  was taking a picture of Brielle early this morning, thinking about how stinkin' tired I was, I caught her first devilish grin on camera! She knows she's trouble :-P

Raya is still  just as interested in Brielle as she has been. Today she just  thought it was the funniest thing in the world to "steal" Brielle's little hand mittens. She was squealing with excitement as she did it over and over lol

Brielle gets a lot of pokes throughout the day. Hopefully she doesn't end up permanently disfigured  by big sister!

We try to direct Raya's love and affection toward her baby DOLLS, rather than her baby  sister. Things stay a lot safer that way haha.

Today Brielle wore one of the little newborn outfits that Grandma picked up at Walmart--in a little emergency run after we learned that Brielle was so small! haha.

But then she spit up on herself! Now that my milk is in we've entered the spit-up period. Raya was a very spitty baby and so far all signs point to Brielle following in her  sister's footsteps here too. Oh well....gave us an excuse to change her outfit! :-) I put her in this little cherry outfit, which Raya wore too!

Is this not the cutest baby ever?! Seriously...I thought I lucked out when I got Miss Raya, but lightening struck the same place twice and I'm now the lucky recipient of the world's TWO cutest little people!

Brielle spent some time "sunning" herself in front of the playroom window today, to try and help with her jaundice. She is multi-tasking--sunning herself AND humoring me with a photoshoot hehe

I got her  this  little hat  at the Children's  actually fits  her  tiny  head pretty well!

I've been trying to get her to take the paci, but without much luck. Raya became a paci  girl on her first day of life, but Brielle hasn't been interested so far. Today however I did get her to take it for 5 minutes or so...

Since Raya wore this outfit too I thought we'd do another comparison photo :-) Raya is on the left, Brielle on the right. Clearly Raya is much chunkier!! hehe  ....but you can still see a very strong resemblance!

Raya's on top, Brielle is on the bottom

Lastly, a few more random  is Grandma F with the girls--neither of whom was happy about having their picture taken!

Grandma leaves to head home tomorrow evening...we're going to be sad to see her go!! She has done tons of cleaning, all my laundry, cooked and cleaned up lunch and dinner every day, and pretty much taken care of Raya. I'm totally screwed come Sunday!!!! haha

Also, tomorrow afternoon my brother, Emily, and cousins Sawyer and Harper are coming up to visit and see the new baby! a picture tonight of Daddy cuddling baby Brielle. He isn't a newborn person, but  he can handle them when they are sleeping and happy! haha  (Brielle doesn't look that orange in person....the lighting in this picture was horrible!)

Brielle says thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog today!! :-)  ...and she claims that she will sleep better tonight. Forgive me for having a hard time believing her....but things don't look good when she sleeps THIS soundly all during the day!!! :-P


  1. aww I hope it gets better. she is too cute though.

  2. I'm home and already very lonely
    I miss the girls already! I miss Raya calling me mama, and when I don't respond to he requests soon enough I miss her saying Heh, Heh Heh!!!I hope you get some sleep tonight, give both girls a big kiss from me!!!Don't forget to read Raya her Grama Donna book!!!!
    Grama F


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