Thursday, January 6, 2011

LAST doctor's appointment...yippee!!!

Can you believe that this morning I had my very LAST doctor's appointment before Brielle is born?! I swear it feels like a couple months ago that I had a 2 page list of appts. laid out in front of me, and now every single one has been "checked" off the list! :-)

The appointment went well. I forgot to ask exactly how much I gained, but based on what I remember weighing pre-pregnancy I think I"m now maybe 20-22 lbs above that, so that's really good. Should be easy to lose. My stomach was measuring 39-40 weeks today, so the doctor said she should definitely be big enough and ready to come out on Tuesday which is great. I'm putting in my guesstimate for her weight now....I"m guessing she'll be 8lbs 1oz. ....what are your guesses everyone???? Raya was 8lbs 12oz but I don't think Brielle will be quite as big coming a week earlier....but at the same time I really don't think I'm capable of producing a 7lb baby lol.

As far as progress since last week, well, there hasn't been any :-P I'm still just 1cm and "soft". The doctor said if that's still what I am on Tuesday then they will probably start the induction with a cervical ripening agent of some kind to get my cervix more "favorable" for induction, which means Lee will probably be really annoyed b/c it'll  take awhile haha. Oh well! We're supposed to go to labor and delivery at 6am Tuesday and she said if they give me a pill to ripen the cervix or whatever then they'd probably leave that in until afternoon, before they even start the induction drugs and such. Guess we better bring some dvds and card games to pass the time!!! :-P  BUT, she also said that since this is my 2nd baby it's not uncommon for it to go a little faster, or at least once they start the drugs in afternoon or so I could then progress quickly like I did with Raya...we'll just have to see. There's always an increased chance of csection when you induce, so hopefully it doesn't come to that. Being a 2nd time mom they said the chance of that is lower so let's all hope that's right!

I can't believe that no later than Tuesday morning I'll  be in labor and delivery....I'm so excited!!!!!! I've packed Brielle's little  hats and outfits in my suitcase about 5 times now b/c I'm so excited to play dress up once she's here! :-)  I even packed  a couple little hair clippies, in case she comes out with enough hair hehe.

Now to find some way to pass the time until  Tuesday...


  1. My guess is 8lbs 3oz
    Glad to hear things went well..good luck in delivery. Cant wait to see pictures when she comes

  2. my guess is 7 lbs 12 oz. maybe she will be a little one compared to raya.

    what outfits are you taking to the hospital, new ones or ones raya wore too? what about hats? :)

  3. I'm taking a couple new little outfits and a couple hats I had bought before I started crocheting. I haven't crocheted any small enough for a newborn yet. I usually don't start playing dress up until day 2 b/c it annoys the nurses in the beginning when they have to check on the baby a lot if she's all dressed...they like them just in the gown/onesies from the hospital but I cheat come day 2 :-P

  4. Oh, and I'm bringing headbands that Raya wore too...b/c I love me some headbands with big bows! :-P

  5. I can't wait to see that baby!!! I'm going to go crazy waiting all day though!!! See you Sunday!
    Grama F


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