Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye Grandma H.

This morning Lee's mom headed back home. It was nice to have her visit this week and play  with Raya b/c I was able to get a few projects done that I have really wanted to have time to do! I  finally got my office cleaned up, which was a 2 day project lol. There was fabric, felt, tshirts, thread, yarn, etc. EVERYWHERE! Now it's all cleaned up and the futon in there can actually be used for guests again :-) I also got my filing cabinets all organized, was able to get caught up on laundry, and could take super long showers every day...that's when you know you're a stay-at-home mom....when those things totally thrill you b/c normally your too busy with your munchkin shadow to get any of it done lol.

Here are a couple pictures of Raya with Grandma H.

Playing kitchen :-)

Eating her cupcake!

Then this morning we got a couple pics before Grandma left for back home. I told Lee's mom that the next time she visits she'll get to have TWO little girls on her lap!! :-)

Giving kisses...

Tomorrow morning my mom is coming up and she will stay through next weekend, so that is going to be great! She will have a couple days to settle in with Raya's schedule up here before i go to the hospital Tuesday morning and then she'll be able to help when I get out of the hospital too, so I might actually get to shower for the first  few days! (Any mom knows that getting a shower with a newborn is usually impossible lol). I may have also made a list of a couple cleaning tasks Grandma F. can do for me while she's here too :-P

Only Sunday and Monday left before the big day...i can't even wrap my brain around it right now!!!

Big sister is ready and waiting....


  1. if you don't post anything before Tuesday good luck and I cant wait to see pics of Brielle!

  2. I am all packed and ready to roll, bring it on Brielle!!!!!
    Grama F


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