Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grandma H.

Today was our first full day with Grandma H. staying, and Lee had his first day of work at his new job! The day went well overall. Raya warmed up to Grandma H. quickly and was pretty good about playing with her so that I could get things done. I was able to get all caught up on Raya's laundry as well as spend the entire afternoon finally organizing our filing cabinet and shredding a bunch of stuff  etc. Good deal! On the schedule for tomorrow is for me to run a couple errands in the morning and then deep clean our master bathroom. Fun stuff right?! :-)

Lee said his first day of work went well. He's still getting things set up and doing schedules and passwords etc. so not  a lot of actual "work" took  place today, but  he seems to like it so far. His drive there this morning only took a little over an hour he said, but the drive  home was like 1hr 20+ minutes b/c of traffic that  time of day. So hopefully if I don't make it to my induction date then Lee will be able to drive home and get to the hospital in about 1.5 hours which isn't too bad.

That said, tomorrow is my SIL Megan's birthday (happy birthday Megan!) and so I tried explaining to Brielle that maybe she could  come tomorrow and share the day with her aunt, but  I have a feeling that diva #2 would not be a fan of sharing the spotlight with ANYONE, so I think tomorrow will probably be a quiet day lol.  Like I had  said before I"m fine waiting until next week for her to arrive, but I AM getting very very uncomfortable. Last night I was soooooo miserable and barely slept at all b/c  of  "restless leg syndrome"....i tend to get that a lot lately but  it usually  doesn't  keep me  up at night. But last night it was horrible and I tried sleeping  in a chair and various other positions and nothing worked!  I'm hoping that tonight  is a little less miserable!!!!!!

No pictures tonight...sorry! I'm sure I'll  be making up for the lack  of pictures recently when baby Brielle arrives....then it'll be picture overload!!!!! :-)

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  1. I'm glad everything is going well !!! Hope Brielle waits for me!
    Love,Grama F


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