Friday, January 28, 2011

Target run P.S.

So Miss Raya  is officially a sticky fingered thief!! Yesterday at Target Raya was playing with a little bouncey ball in the  toy aisle. When it  was time to move on I told her to put it back, and she DID go back and *appear* to put it back on the shelf. Fast forward to Mama at home unpacking the diaper bag and there I find that bouncey ball!!!! I  had put the  diaper bag on the bottom of the cart b/c that was the only spot for it, and apparently Miss  Raya thought she'd sneak  the bouncey ball home :-o I wasn't a bout to drive back  to Target to return a $1.99 ball, and clearly Miss Raya had no idea what she did, so she's now the proud new  owner of a bouncey ball to call her  very own lol.

Here she is hugging the ball this morning :-P

Oh, and that  shirt she's wearing? Well in Target she spotted this shirt way across the way and started shouting "Mick Mick! Mick Mick!"  ...that's what  she calls Mickey Mouse :-) She was so darn cute and does love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I decided she could have the shirt as her valentine's day present  haha.

She's wearing it proudly today!

I"m normally not  a fan of characters on clothing, shoes, etc....but I didn't think this shirt w as too bad....and Raya keeps pointing at her shirt  saying "Mick Mick!" so that's pretty stinkin' cute :-)

...her cuteness was cut short when she decided to throw a giant tantrum for something in the fridge--I never did figure out what the heck she wanted

She was not  happy with me!

She  tried giving me her  pouty "please" face, but despite the adorable  factor I did not give in!

So then to further illustrate her dismay she started taking off everything from the fridge and throwing it on the floor. .....and yes, she knew EXACTLY what she was doing!!!!

The destruction....

At which point I  decided to focus my attention on my sweet daughter instead :-P 

And to everyone who says oh, you can't spoil a newborn I say just take a look at Brielle's face...she's spoiled! :-)

And yes, she's hugging my boob, which looks ungodly huge at this angle LOL

Later today Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn arrive, and Lee finally comes home too....yay for all of the  above! I probably won't update the blog again until everyone leaves after  this weekend, so just an FYI :-P


  1. thank you...Keira's hair is to funny, it kinda looks like the hair that is coming in is blonde but I cant tell for sure.

    Kaylee's bangs have been annoying me so I decided to pull the off to the side and out of her face, I thought she looked to cute.

    Raya sounds like Kaylee...kaylee has been sticky fingers before too, taking a ball. haha
    Brielle is so adorable. I'm not a fan of the character shirts either but Kaylee has a spongebob one and an Olivia one cause she is obsessed with both

  2. i also don't typically like the character shirts (unless for my kids it's video games haha) but i do like that mickey and minnie one, it's pretty cute. this may be raya's first piece of clothing she picked out on her own!?

  3. Poor Raya, a criminal record at 20 months!!!! I love Brielles smile on your boob!!!!!
    Have fun this weekend! I'll look forward to all the pics next week!


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