Monday, January 3, 2011

"Work it" girls!! (and boy) :-)

Quick update  while we wait for Lee's mom to arrive.

Just had to show off my little diva "workin' it" for the camera this morning haha. Lee brought up all his bar beads and Raya insisted on putting every single one on, and then she bounced around the house listening to them all jingle :-)

Daddy, what does "budweiser" mean?

The most fun ever!

And then Griffin wanted to make it clear that Raya isn't the only one in the family who can "work it" for the camera....check out his studly new look!

But then I stepped in to settle the debate once and for all. B/c honestly, as cute as Raya and Griffin are, the person who's "workin' it" the best in this family right now is pregnant Mama....super Mama as you can all call me :-) A 27lb kid on one hip, a God only knows how big baby in the belly, and I'm still smiling :-)

Brielle....come out, come out, wherever you are! :-P

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  1. Don't both my girls look soooo pretty!
    Love, Grama F


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