Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lee and Raya are coloring right now, so I thought I'd add a picture P.S. to my post from earlier today :-)

Raya is all about coloring nowadays. Although Lee is less than impressed with her artistic skills at this point :-P

Miss Raya has really dry cheeks right now, which is why they look red. I've been putting lotion on them.

Lastly, since I mentioned packing my hospital bag  in the last post I thought I'd share a little  of what I have packed haha. Here is my  bag in all it's glory, ready to go at any moment! :-)

I've obviously go all the toiletries etc. and I threw in some dvds that I've seen 100 times, since I obviously don't want a movie I have to pay close attention to when I'm in labor :-P With Raya I chose to wear the hospital gowns pretty much the whole time b/c frankly, I thought they were super comfy! :-) But i did throw in some pj pants and tshirts in case this time I decide to wear my own clothes more. I also have my boppy pillow in there and then some things for Miss Brielle!

Here is Brielle's coming home outfit :-)

Then I"m not sure if these will be way too big or not, but just in case I threw them in the bag...

And I bought  her this cute blanket since she's a winter baby :-)

And a few hats :-)

Look at all that girlie goodness!!!! Let's hope that she comes out a girl for real !! :-)

Ok, better husband just took Raya for a cozy coupe car ride on the deck in the freezing cold in nothing but her pjs....not his brightest moment let's say :-P


  1. Shawna Marie!!!! Are you really taking all that clothes to the hospital???? Don't let the nurses see you with all that!!
    P.S It is going to look sooo cute on Brielle!!!
    Grama F

  2. I had multiple outfits for Keira too, I just couldnt decide on which one I wanted to put her in...LOL. They are to cute! Only a few days to go! Cozy coupe ride in the freezing cold sounds like something my hubby would do with Kaylee, guys aren't to smart sometimes...haha

  3. cute outfits, can't wait to see pics of them on the little one.


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