Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleepy baby

We have a relatively quick update tonight. Nothing too terribly exciting happened today. I took Raya to daycare so that she could get some play time in. It was cute because when I pulled into the babysitter's driveway Raya saw the house and started yelling "friends! friends!" haha....she knew  where we were! She was super excited to go there, but she did  cry and call "mama!" when I left so I had to give some extra kisses :-) Erin said Raya had a good day, and I'm taking her there again tomorrow so I'm glad she's having fun.

While Raya was gone I had to take Brielle back to the hospital for some repeat bloodwork, which ended up being a long ordeal because the kept us waiting  FOREVER....and there was a little old couple in the waiting room with me who just talked my ear off about their little shih tzu puppy haha. Then after the hospital Brielle and I made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a few things before heading home. Once home I had to do a lot of picking up b/c we have our first realtor coming over tomorrow night to price the house and take pictures, and then the second realtor is coming Friday!!

Today Brielle slept much of the day away....she's a sleepy newborn when it's not picture day! :-P She's been doing great at night--in my bed of course. Last night I slept from about 10:30pm until 7am, and I only  had to nurse her (in bed) twice during the night. Once of these nights when I'm not so tired I will  fight her on the whole crib thing lol

Ok, now a few quick  pictures. Here is Brielle, sleeping the day away.

The hair on the very top of her head is sticking straight up as it comes in! haha

Brielle was a spitty baby  today so we had to change clothes multiple times haha. Here she is modeling a little kitty ensemble that  cousin Harper is letting her borrow

She is  SHOCKED that  I  would dress her  in hand me downs :-P

Big  sister is still showing lots of interest in her sissy!

"Mama, did you forget that  I  can't hold my head up yet?!"

Following in her big  sister's footsteps by breaking out some "crazy eyes"! :-)

So that's all for tonight. I'm exhausted and think I'm going to try and sneak to be early tonight! And this little cuddlebug here?? Well I have a feeling she'll be snuggling with me in bed before too long!


  1. Love the pic were Raya is playing with Brielles hand!!! I 'm glad Raya is having fun with her friends! Good luck with the realtors, hope Brielle sleeps since she slept so much today!!
    Grama F

  2. I let Keira sleep in bed with me too cause she sleeps longer snuggled up with mama. Hey what ever helps mommy to get to sleep in a little longer.


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