Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take pictures

I'm sure you all remember me posting awhile back  about baby Maddie, who's mom has been blogging about her  daughter's sudden death. Well yesterday she posted something that really hit close to home for me. She posted some pictures of Maddie and then said "If I can give anyone any advice.. Take pictures.. Take them everyday..You just never know."

I know I take a lot of pictures, and I know there are probably people who think I go a little overboard with the number  of pictures I take daily haha. But I can tell you this. There will, I'm sure, be many things I do that I will come to regret, but I can guarantee that taking thousands  (yes thousands!) of pictures of my sweet girlies will never be one of them :-)

Seriously, most beautiful big brown eyes EVER

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Miss Raya shows me more and more each day that she's probably ready to start potty training. She's started dragging her potty around the house and always wants to sit on it and go potty (fully clothed lol). I'm just not sure this tired Mama is quite ready yet!

Raya rocked the pigtails yesterday :-) ...and the little cropped jean jacket is Baby Gap...i got it at my favorite 2nd hand store awhile back. It's actually size 4T haha...but it's pretty forgiving so I had her try it out yesterday

Static cling anyone?

Yesterday morning Brielle gave me a bit  of a scare (it's fine now though!). She nursed like normal in the morning and then while I was holding her awhile later I heard this weird groaning noise and then she started PUKING! We're not talking spit up people, we're talking full fledged heaving puking, flying 2 feet through the air covering me, the couch, the floor, etc. I kinda sat there in shock for a minute and then immediately though "oh shit! I hope she's not getting sick from Raya!!!!" ....Temp was fine, she acted normal (other than the puke haha) I gave her a bath and got us both all cleaned up and kept an eye on her the rest of the day. So far no other concerning episodes....although the child DID look mighty pathetic after the whole ordeal was over LOL

I  think she may have just overeaten. She used to always nurse on both sides each time, and lately she's only been wanting to do one side. Well yesterday I sort of forced her to eat the other side too and awhile later is when she puked. Based on the  first few times I pumped I was only getting 4 or 5 ounces total so that seemed appropriate for her, but then yesterday afternoon I pumped and got 6ounces from one side!! So apparently my supply took a jump wonder  she only  wanted to nurse one side haha. Oops.

Yesterday will go down in history as my most favorite day yet with two children. They took afternoon naps at the exact same time!! I had 3 hours of childless bliss yesterday....ahhhhhhh. And no, I didn't clean during that time at all!

However cleaning was needed by the end of the day. THIS is the sign of a fun day here at our house:

Grandma F., you will be happy to know that Baby Anna continues to remain "top doll" here in this  house. Those other dolls (baby Emma and Abby) were laying in the baby bed and Raya just looked at them with disdain and WHIPPED them to the floor, and then very gingerly laid baby Anna in her rightful spot and tucked her  in haha. And baby Anna now sleeps with her every night, and Raya always asks for baby Annas "bah bah" ...and then she feeds baby Anna her bottle in bed as she falls asleep :-)

So today I  was up and  showered, and the girls were dressed and fed, all before 9:30 am !!! This is nothing short of a miracle. So I decided we would take a trip to the grocery store and just get a few things. I thought Brielle's carseat could go in the main part of the cart and Raya could ride in the seat and we'd be a cute little family picking up a handful of things all housewifey like :-) Um, this turned  into the trip from hell...straight out of my worsts nightmare pretty much haha.

Brielle waas up most the morning and due for a nice long nap. She fell asleep in her carseat and I thought we were home free. Got both girls in the shopping cart and started on our way. Like  no shit, 5 minutes later Brielle wakes up and  starts SCREECHING like she's the victim of some sort of baby torture. I tried everything and nothing worked. Of course I didn't have my wrap to wear b/c it was just going to be a short trip and I thought we'd be in and out while she slept. So I got Raya down and had her walk, move Brielles seat up top and that still didn't work. So then I resorted to carrying her, while pushing a heavy cart with my bad, arthritis stricken arm, with Raya walking (on tippy toes at a snails pace doing god only knows what) behind me. I do know at one point I  looked down and Raya  was walking while  hugging a giant box of Kix cereal and when I told her to put it back she started yelling "SNACK!! SNACK!!"....yeah, I let her  buy it. I'm now THAT mom.  .....And for Brielle, we honestly ran into people who would look at me and say "oh! There's the crying baby!!" haha. During check out the ladies asked me if she had colic :-o    I mean, I have  never wanted out of somewhere so fast in my life!!!

....but Raya DID look cute for  our  outting ;-)

....trying to get my remote, the little  TV hog!

And lastly, it's my new blog segment called the Weight Watchers (WW) tip of the day! :-) This WW thing really appeals to my personality.  It's like a game every day to get the most/yummiest food for my points and I'm getting lots of good ideas from my new WW friends online! So today I present to you, banana "icecream" with whipped peanut butter topping. Grand total of WW points is only 2!!!!! (I get like 37 points a day, so that gives you perspective  on how little  points this yummy treat is).

Ok, so you take one ripe  banana and you can either slice it  in peices and freeze it (and these are soo yummy to eat frozen just by themselves. I had Lee and Raya try them last night and they both liked them and agreed it tasted like icecream. Raya even said "mmmmmm, is-keeeeeem"  (Raya speak for icecream :-)  OR you can mash the banana with a fork (or with a blender for an even more realistic  icecream texture, but I'm too lazy for all that...I just mashed mine).  So, you take the sliced or mashed banana and freeze it. Then you mix together 1 tblspoon of reduced fat peanut butter and 2 tblspoons of fat free whipped cream. Put your banana "icecream" in a bowl and top with your whipped peanut butter and enjoy! It's like heaven in a bowl, honestly. I've also been  told this whipped peanute butter is awesome as an apple dip.  The only thing that has WW points in this whole dessert is the peanut butter.

Enjoy!! (This is an actual picture of the masterpeice I ate...bowl licking is permitted :-)

I will admit that mashed bananas and peanut butter in a bowl may not LOOK
as tastey as it TASTES. Just trust me on this one :-)


  1. You can never have too many pics!!! Raya looks so old in those pigtails, she looks like a little girl instead of my baby!!!!! That's to bad with Brielle, hopefully it was a one time deal. I'm glad baby Anna is truly loved!!!! Rayas like her Grama and mamma, she loves her dolls!!! Love,
    Grama F

  2. I'm with you right there with the thousands of pictures! I dont think you could ever take to many pictures. The girls are getting so big. Keira has done the same thing a time or two with puking like that and a few times it's come out of her nose!! Good luck with WW! great job =) Gotta loves those outings with the screaming baby 5 minutes in! so much fun..LOL

  3. So I had to do a post after i read this one and the quote about the little things in life being the big things. i linked to this post of yours :) what a perfect quote!!! and no more excuses for taking all these pictures! lol


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